Spirits keep "Goin' Bulilit" kids locked inside haunted house

The eerie things that go bump in the night are fast approaching this Halloween, and the kids of “Goin’ Bulilit” are far from being spared from the scares this Sunday (October 27).

The GB horror story begins with Bugoy, Clarence, Harvey and Carl, who were playing their usual game of basketball. Their friends Belinda, Chacha and Brenna join them, eager to be part of the fun—but the boys lose control of the ball and it ends up getting tossed into an old house beside the basketball court.
The young group of friends decides to go get the ball to continue their game, especially since nobody lives in the old house anymore. They enter, in search for the ball, but are surprised when they cross paths with a little boy and his yaya. 

The group of friends soon discover that, in the past, the house caught fire, leaving two people inside—a little boy and his yaya.

How will these horror story end? Will the kids abe able to get away, or will they be stuck with Halloween forever?

Find out on “Goin’ Bulilit” on Sunday (October 29) on ABS-CBN after “TV Patrol Weekend.”