Sir Chief pushes through with his pamamanhikan

On “Be Careful With My Heart,” the whole neighborhood helps the Dela Rosa family prepare for the pamamanhikan that they even contribute food and welcome Richard’s family that surprises Esmeralda and Roberto as the venue looks like a town fiesta. 

When the Lim family arrives, they give Maya’s family gifts plus the printed copies of the pictures they took early in the morning that had everyone laughing. At dinner, Esmeralda compliments the Kare Kare while Roberto expresses his delight in Mamang’s Adobo. Esmeralda and Mamang cannot help but excitedly give suggestions about the wedding. Richard interrupts them and says that Maya should still decide in the end. 

Finally, Richard makes everything formal by asking Teresita, Conchita and Kute of Maya’s hand in marriage. A happy but emotional Teresita says that they are entrusting Maya to him. Thus, Maya and Richard rejoice by sharing their plans for their wedding. Outside the house, the neighbors congratulate them and the Lim family mingles with everyone. Richard and Roberto drink with Simon and company as Luke and Nikki befriend the other villagers their age.

Don’t miss “Be Careful with My Heart” as the pamamanhikan episode continues tomorrow, September 10, after “Minute to Win It” on ABS-CBN.