Sir Chief now wants Maya to call him “Ricky”

On “Be Careful with My Heart,” Nicolo and Amiel argue over Nikki’s accident while Luke and Nikki separately call their father to assure him that they are okay. 

Meanwhile, Doris sulks at the fact that Sabel lied to her. Earlier, she asked her BFF to accompany her to the cinema but Sabel declined her offer, saying she will have a group study with her cooking class friends. However, when Joma takes Doris to the mall, they see Sabel hanging out with her classmates and are about to watch a movie too. 

Back at the campsite, Nikki observes that Nicolo was being bitten by mosquitoes while sleeping. She decides to stick a mosquito repellant sticker Amiel gave her to Nicolo’s clothes but she quickly returns to her tent when Luke approaches. The next morning, Nikki denies putting the sticker on Nicolo, who in turn is puzzled over it. 

During an argument, Maya accidentally calls Sir Chief by his nickname Ricky, which pleases him. He then asks her to call him Ricky, instead of Sir Chief from now on. He also asks her to meet up with their wedding planner the next day. 

Don’t miss Maya and Ricky’s preparation for the wedding on “Be Careful with My Heart,” weekdays after “Minute to Win It."