Sir Chief keeps a secret from Maya

Unexpectedly, the adults clash during the family dinner at the mansion. Esmeralda kept on mentioning Mamang’s hypertension throughout the meal and Maya’s grandmother did not like it one bit. When Richard’s parents and Maya’s family were left at the table, a confrontation erupts, with Teresita and Mamang bringing up Roberto and Esmeralda’s “dislike” for Maya. The squabble was cut short however when Maya and Richard return to the room. Later, Teresita and Mamang apologizes to Maya and promises it won’t happen again.  

Later, Maya wonders why Richard seemed to be in a rush dropping her and her family off at the apartment. Richard pretended to be tired but the real reason was he was meeting up with an event coordinator for his proposal day. 

At the mansion, Roberto thinks Teresita does not like him while Esmeralda got turned off by Mamang’s defensive attitude. At Maya’s apartment, Teresita and Mamang feel the same way too. The following day however, the Lim’s invite Teresita and Mamang to lunch to make it up to them. 

Will more parent trouble cause problems for Richard’s proposal to Maya? Keep on watching, “Be Careful with My Heart” weekdays at 11:45AM on ABS-CBN.