Sir Chief gets irritated with his father because of his wrong impression of Maya

Things have gotten lighter now that Maya and Esmeralda are finally each other’s company on “Be Careful With My Heart.” In fact, they even thought of hosting a dinner together.

However, Roberto gets on Richard’s nerves as the former thinks wrongly of Maya’s intentions for their family. He unfortunately brings his bad mood at the Lim Aviation office.

Meanwhile, back at Nikki’s school where she’s arranging a theater audition, Joey admits that she regrets breaking up with Luke. Nikki sadly informs her though that her brother and Nicolo are planning to court someone new.

Will everything turn out well at Esmeralda and Maya’s dinner given that there is tension between Sir Chief and his father? Stay tuned to “Be Careful with My Heart,” weekdays at 11:45AM on ABS-CBN.