Sir Chief and Maya are officially engaged

It’s a lovely Tuesday on “Be Careful with My Heart” as Sir Chief and Maya are officially engaged!

When Maya realizes that Sir Chief has not returned, she searches for him all over the cruise ship. Maya goes up the top deck and encounters a path surrounded by petals and lit candles. Maya sees a specially-prepared dinner, accompanied by music played by an orchestra. 

Sir Chief follows her up, kneels before her and asks for her hand in marriage. Speechless, Maya gets her senses back after Sir Chief calls her name several times, and cries out, ‘yes!’

When they get back to the mansion, the whole family welcomes them happily except for an emotional Teresita. Maya finds her mother sulking in the kitchen and the two tearfully hug each other. 

Over dinner with the family, Conchita and Esmeralda keep on discussing about wedding ideas whereas Sir Chief opt to do the traditional pamamanhikan first to Maya’s family in San Nicolas before anything else.

As Maya, Teresita and Conchita are about to leave, Sir Chief’s family express their joy that Maya will soon become a part of their family.

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