Sir Anton sends Nicolas on a mission

Edmund and Carissa argue about Nicolas’s presence in the company as an employee. Also, Sir Anton gives Nicolas a bottle of liquid with instructions to mix it into the products at Adelina’s factory.

Sir Anton explains to Leonel why he left them. He also asks Leonel if he wants to continue in the organization as his employee or his son. Leonel says he’ll pick the position where he will benefit the most.

Meanwhile, Natalia tells Sarah that maybe Leonel doesn’t visit her because there is another girl. Also, Marietta asks for Sarah’s help and they go to Leonel’s place. Despite Marietta’s pleas, Leonel refuses to come back home saying that with his dad he feels he belongs, whereas Marietta’s only focus has been Francis.

Marietta cries. Sarah sees how Francis comforts Marietta and they talk of their hopes of having their own family someday.

Meanwhile, Sir Anton plans an “accidental” meeting with Adelina and talks to her. Nicolas is on his way inside Adelina’s buko juice facility. Will Nicolas push through with his mission? Keep watching Muling Buksan ang Puso weeknights at 9 pm on ABS-CBN.