Secret crushes revealed on "LUV U"

There’s news going around on campus that Marj’s (Mika dela Cruz) face is drawn on the wall of the boys’ bathroom. Curiously, the picture has initials on it, signed “T.B.”—possibly revealing that certain someone who has a hidden liking for her in Sunday’s (August 4) episode of “LUV U”.

The graffiti drawing shows Marj without her glasses on. Those who have seen her without them on know how pretty her face really is. Apparently, “T.B.” has seen her not wearing her glasses—but who exactly is “T.B.”? 

In the meantime, Benj (Nash Aguas) and Lexi (Alexa Ilacad) are still hung up on the recently concluded fire alarm incident, when Benj saved Lexi from her phobia of fire. Already a hero in Lexi’s eyes, Benj still has other things to confess to her, and he needs to gather up the guts to tell her quickly before she finds out from another source.

Catch all the things to be revealed in Sunday’s (August 4) episode of “LUV U” airing on ABS-CBN Channel 2 after “ASAP 18”.