Sarah, Francis and Leonel are on the brink of death

Francis is at the hospital in need of a heart transplant to be able to live. Francis’s situation leads Adelina and Elvira and Marietta and Carissa to settle their respective differences. Marietta finally admits to Carissa that she was responsible for switching Sarah and Francis at birth. Leonel also visits Francis and Sarah, telling them that he is going away with Anton.

The police begin to follow Leonel at the hospital. Leonel rushes to get away and Sarah gets in the car with him. The car’s brakes fail and Sarah and Leonel get into an accident. Both have a 50/50 chance of survival. 

Anton visits Leonel at the hospital even if it means surrendering to the police. Later, Leonel wakes up and learns about Anton’s arrest and Sarah’s condition. He says he should have died so that Francis could have had his heart.

Francis suddenly goes into cardiac arrest, while Sarah’s lifeline almost goes flat and just when everybody thinks Leonel is okay, he also loses consciousness and dies later on. His heart is eventually transplanted into Francis.

Also, Adelina redeems herself by righting her wrongs: giving Ignacio a job at her company, asking forgiveness from Anton and giving a part of her wealth to Bernardo’s family. She also finally grants annulment of her marriage to Bernardo.

Finally, Sarah and Francis wed. They thank Leonel for giving Francis his heart and making their love live on.

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