Roberto advises Sir Chief not to be too serious with Maya on “Be Careful With My Heart”
Maya might have to work harder in proving her worth to Richard’s parents, as Roberto speaks up this time around about his son’s relationship with her. 

Richard confronts his mother regarding Maya. Esmeralda admits Maya has to work hard to deserve someone like him. This disappoints Richard but he enlightens his mother about Maya’s brighter points, like how she loves him and his children. Esmeralda then invites Maya to a meeting and later she apologizes to Richard’s girlfriend. However, she admits no one will be good enough for her son. 

On the other hand, Sir Chief’s father Roberto wonders why Esmeralda keeps on fussing about Maya, assuming the marriage is far from Richard’s mind. When his son asks him what he meant by this, Roberto advices Richard not to be too serious with Maya for he can still meet a lot of women. 

Meanwhile, Kute becomes emotional after Cho finally confesses that he is being bullied in school.

Is Roberto’s thinking new trouble for Richard and Maya’s relationship? Find out on the upcoming episodes of “Be Careful with My Heart,” weekdays at 11:45 AM on ABS-CBN.