Richard reveals to Maya his father also disapproved of his first wife

On “Be Careful With My Heart,” Roberto insists that the mishap during dinner was just a miscommunication of sorts but Richard does not believe him. He finds an excuse to leave dinner early with Maya. They drive to the seaside where Maya treats him to isaw and other street food. Sir Chief soon reveals that he and his father had a long misunderstanding before because Roberto disapproved of his engagement with Alex, his first wife. 

Back at the mansion, Esmeralda packs her bags and threatens Roberto that if he will not reconcile with his son, she will be the first one to leave the household. At the same time, Maya made Richard promise her that he will not argue with his father anymore when gets home. 

When Richard gets home, he accuses Roberto of treating Maya the same way he treated Alex. He says he has had enough and if Roberto can’t accept Maya, he does not have to make efforts to do so. 

What will happen to the relationship of Richard and Roberto now? Keep on watching, “Be Careful with My Heart,” weekdays at 11:45AM on ABS-CBN.