Richard gets angry at his kids

On Be Careful with My Heart, an angry and disappointed Richard learns that Abby has a Facebook account. He confronts her and Abby admits that she indeed made it without the knowledge of her older siblings. Maya tries to defend her but an insistent Richard demands for answers as to why Abby disobeyed her. In the end, Abby admits that she wants to be like Nikki who is popular and has a lot of admirers online.

Richard, who is still upset, asks Nikki if Nicolo is courting her and she answers no. However, Richard demands that she open her Facebook messages and Twitter account on his laptop. He checks them and learns that Nikki and Nicolo are talking to each other online.

Luke, who is also questioned by his father, admits that he knows about Nikki and Nicolo’s conversations but already asked them to stop talking to each other. Nikki reveals that she only talked to Nicolo because she is concerned about Luke. Richard gets surprised as Luke admits that he is struggling in school for he has a low grade on a major subject. 

What will Richard do after learning about his children’s issues? Don’t miss an episode of Be Careful with My Heart, weekdays after Minute to Win It.