Piolo wants a wife in her 20s and have four more children

With his successful showbiz career, does ultimate heartthrob Piolo Pascual still feels a missing piece in his life? Does he plan on settling down? What more he is searching for in a woman, three years after his previous relationship?

“Honestly, the time. If I want to enter in a relationship, it’s easy to happen. There are lots of girls there. But how can I give her my full attention? I have no time,” he answers in “Tapatan Ni Tunying” airing this Thursday (July 17).

Although Piolo admits that he cannot spare time for love life as of now, he says he still dreams to get married and have more children aside from his 17-year-old son Iñigo.

“I want to have a wife and four more kids. I’m fond of children. I want to live with my future wife at the soonest,” shares the 37-year-old actor.

When asked for the qualities he looks for in his future wife, he answers, “I wish she will be in her 20s, or maybe mid-20s. As I said, I want four more children so I won’t go for a girl in her 30s,” he states. “Thats why I’m staying active because I want to enjoy the time with my kids even when they grow. Just like my son (Iñigo). We get to do the same thing together.”

Meanwhile, different from his usual fare as the leading man in romantic comedies, Piolo is set to make a primetime comeback via “Hawak Kamay” as a father-figure to three orphaned children on Monday (July 21).

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