People talk about the Layers gold bars

After learning from Honesto what Wacky feels, Rebecca apologizes to Wacky, telling him how much she loves him. Also, because of Honesto, people in the market talk about the cave he saw. Some are even planning on looking for it.

Honesto wants to thank Cleto for saving him and Lourdes accompanies him to Cleto. Cleto learns that Lourdes and Honesto are on their way to visit Mimi at the cemetery. Cleto follows them to the cemetery and looks at the grave of his child when Lourdes and Honesto have left.

Cleto sees two old women nosing about the cave. He tells Hugo about it and Hugo orders him to get the gold bars from the cave. Cleto does so, but this time it is Elai who is nosing about the cave. Elai asks him about the gold bars and Cleto shoos him away.

More people start talking about the Layers' cave full of gold bars. A reporter gets wind of it and calls Hugo to interview him about it. What will Hugo do, now that the people are talking about his wealth?

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