Nicolo blurts out that Nikki likes Amiel

Nikki tells Amiel that Nicolo is just a good friend that is why he keeps on picking her up after school. Nicolo, on the other hand, acts strange as he researches on Amiel and finds out that they are of the same age only Amiel got delayed a school year. This makes Nicolo presume that he has bad record. 

The next day, Amiel suggests that for their West Teatro group activity, they should go hiking and camping in Tagaytay, and it was eventually approved by the school faculty. Because of this, Nicolo confronts Amiel, saying he shouldn’t be courting Nikki, divulging her crush on the latter. 

Meanwhile, Richard and Maya surprise the children that they will have an out of town trip to Ilocos for the weekend. The surprise, however, disappoints Nikki as the Tagaytay hiking and camping are scheduled on the same date as well. Although Luke volunteers to accompany Nikki on the hike, Richard does not give her permission to do so. 

Will Richard allow Nikki to go camping? Keep on watching, “Be Careful with My Heart,” weekdays after “Minute to Win It."