Natalia lashes out at Sarah and Leonel

Everybody is worried because Francis and Sarah are still missing. Later, Carissa expresses her fears to Nicolas. Nicolas tells Carissa that he still has feelings for her and he’d like to bring her to a new place where they can start over, somewhere far from danger. Carissa says no because she is already married.

Leonel is going out of his mind looking for the two, imagining Sarah all alone with Francis.

Meanwhile, Sarah and Francis talk about their recent fight. Francis says he is jealous because it’s obvious that Sarah loves Leonel. Sarah says that she loves both Francis and Leonel. After a while, somebody opens the door and they are finally able to go out.

Leonel sees them and interrogates the two to reveal where they’ve been. It erupts in a fight between Leonel and Francis, with Francis telling Leonel he’s just mad because Sarah doesn’t love him. Natalia hears this.

In the morning, Sarah goes to Xenon’s carinderia to talk to Natalia. Natalia expresses her feelings of betrayal to Sarah. Leonel also goes to the carinderia to apologize to Natalia who slaps him. Xenon and Pancho voice out their disappointment with Leonel. Is this the end to Natalia and Sarah’s friendship? Keep watching Muling Buksan ang Puso weeknights at 9:00PM on ABS-CBN.