“My Puhunan” unveils side of Tado as enterpreneur

Broadcast journalist Karen Davila uncovers the other side of the late comedian Arvin “Tado” Jimenez, was not only a staunch social advocate off-camera but also a hands-on entrepreneur.

In “My Puhunan” tomorrow (Feb 12), Karen will show Tado’s shop “LimiTado,” which the program visited before Tado died in a bus accident last Friday. Tado’s shop sells one-of-a-kind statement shirts, and vintage items such as clothes, accessories, and bicycles. Tado also left behind his own tattoo shop called “LimiTattoo.”

Karen will also share the success story of married couple Marlon and Michelle Aman, who made it big by selling ice cream on sidewalks. Now, their company “Miguelito’s” earns P15 million a month.

In “Mutya ng Masa” today (Feb 11), Doris Bigornia helps a man surprise his girlfriend with a marriage proposal on Valentine’s Day. Will they be able to pull it off?

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