“My Puhunan” shows turo-turo style restaurant that makes million pesos monthly

Ponciana’s Kitchen is known for its signature Novo Ecijano dishes and merienda. Despite its simple “turo-turo” style, the humble restaurant earns P1 million every month.

Broadcast journalist Karen Davila details in “My Puhunan” this Wednesday (Apr 23) how 74-year-old Cecilia Macainag built Ponciana’s from scratch and expanded its customer base and reach.

When Cecilia’s family fell behind with their rent for several months, she pawned off her ring and necklace for P1,000, which she used to prepare and sell palabok and halo-halo outside their house. Currently, Ponciana’s has four branches.

What lessons did Cecilia learn from starting out small? What’s her advice to aspiring entrepreneurs?

From just featuring successful businessmen in the program, “My Puhunan” held its first ever barangay caravan that benefitted mothers living in the UP Diliman campus. They were taught livelihood skills that they could use to earn more money, such as beadwork and preparing maja blanca.

Doris Bigornia, meanwhile, faces off with a mini Doris Bigornia named Rere in a fun-filled “Mutya ng Masa” tomorrow (Apr 22). Rere joined “It’s Showtime’s” kiddie contest “Mini Me,” and at 6, she has already memorized the capital cities of different countries. What will happen when the two face off?

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