"My Puhunan" features success of doctor who got rich through 'Hilot'

Broadcast journalist Karen Davila features the success story of a doctor who got rich not by practicing his profession but by putting up a chain of massage centers that specializes in hilot this Wednesday (Feb 5) in “My Puhunan.”

Before Nol Montalbo got into medical residency training, his family’s business collapsed. As a result, they suffered financially and Nol was forced to give up his career in medicine. 

As the eldest child, Nol was compelled to help his family. He pawned his watch for P1,500 and sold soap bars. He eventually went on to earn P200,000, which he used to put up his first spa that specialized in the traditional Filipino massage or hilot.

In just eight years, Mont Albo Massage Hut has expanded into 28 branches, each bringing in about P300,000 to P600,000 per month.

Karen also features the business of former Ateneo volleyball player Gretchen Ho’s business, “The Inspired Project,” a store that sells t-shirts printed with inspirational and motivational slogans. 

Meanwhile, Doris Bigornia helps Anne Bonzon in preparing a surprising for her dying mother, who is suffering from diabetes.

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