"MY PUHUNAN" features rise of multimillion cosmetics business in Cebu

Broadcast journalist Karen Davila uncovers how GT Cosmetics founder and owner Nora Salvane went from selling homemade soap products to friends to managing a multimillion cosmetics business in Cebu this Wednesday (Sept 25) in “My Puhunan.”

In 1994, Nora made her first batch of papaya soap in their home kitchen using a baking pan. She made 201 pieces of soap from coconut oil, papaya extract, and lye from her initial capital of P500.
Nora said she used to earn P1,800 per day from selling her soap products. Now, GT Cosmetics is now making P50 million a year from selling manufacturing beauty products such as sunblock, lotion, and whitening creams.

Now that she’s successful, Nora wants to share her blessings with people who are struggline and want to put up their own business. Nora will personally teach married couple Joel and Jane Divinagracia how to make soap and how to increase their revenue.
Karen will also feature the business of comedian Mel Martinez, restaurant "Cucina ni Bunso,” which he put up after finishing culinary school.

Meanwhile, Doris Bigornia will spread positive vibes in Quiapo and bond with store attendants around the area.

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