“My Puhunan” features former maid who got rich by selling candles

Broadcast journalist Karen Davila tells the story of a former housemaid and tailor who has built a successful candle-making business this Wednesday (Oct 30) on ABS-CBN’s “My Puhunan.”

Alice Alonzo was 14 years old when she started working and contributing to her family’s finances. She had eventually saved up enough money to make candles and earn from selling them.

Years later, Alice’s “Eastern Candles” shop, which is located at her own backyard, now produces about 3,000 candles a day. The business not only helped Alice send all of her children to college but also helped her family build their three-storey dream home in Rizal.

In “My Puhunan,” Alice meets Jessie Villanueva, a caretaker at Manila North Cemetery who collects scrap candles on tombs and recycles them to make all-new candles she can sell. Alice helps Jessie by providing her a small capital, equipment, and tips on how to make her small business profitable.

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