"My Puhunan” features former janitor who made millions out of building carnival rides

Broadcast journalist Karen Davila tells the story of a former Star City janitor who went on to make millions out of designing and building amusement rides this Wednesday (Jan 15) in “My Puhunan.”

Ramon Santos worked for 13 years at Star City where he eventually worked up the ranks and became a manager. This is also where he learned the ropes of running a carnival and crafting rides.

A decade after he sold his first carnival ride, Ramon, now the owner of Carron Dream Park in Nueva Ecija, already owns a mansion, a cinema, and a ranch.

“My Puhunan” also features the business of singer Jeffrey Hidalgo, who owns a company selling household cleaning products such as dishwashing liquid and detergent. Known as a former “Smokey Mountain” member in the ’80s, Jeffrey finished Chemical Engineering in 2001 and even placed in the board exam. 

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