“My Puhunan” features entrepreneur who got second chance at business success

Broadcast journalist Karen Davila details how Grace Gupana became a millionaire, got bankrupt, and restarted a successful business venture this Wednesday (Abril 16) sa “My Puhunan.”

Grace earned her first P1 million from making and selling greeting cards. She became bankrupt after devoting all of her earnings to hospital bills after she gave birth to premature twins.

Grace started over again with a capital of P800 and started selling fish ball and gulaman at the Quezon City hall. During this time, Grace met a herbalist from whom she got the inspiration to make ampalaya capsules.

After one year of research at the University of the Philippines, the now popular ABS Bitter Herbs Ampalaya was born. According to Grace, she was even invited to exhibit at Anaheim, California because of her product’s efficacy and proven benefits. Now, the former fish ball vendor makes over P150 million a year.

In “Mutya ng Masa” tomorrow (April 15), Doris Bigornia acts on a viewer’s request to mediate between his mother and sister who haven’t seen each other for 17 years due to a land dispute. Will they finally settle their differences?

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