Morgan reveals on live TV that Zuma and his child are alive

Gina warns Galema of her actions since she is getting tired of keeping her sister’s secret. Unknown to Gina, Mindy and her friends plan to win her favor so they can use her to uncover Galema’s secrets. Later, Galela and her father seal their reconciliation with a family group hug.

Meanwhile, the military calls a televised press conference and announces that it is not true that Zuma is alive, saying that there is just a copycat roaming around killing people. Morgan disrupts the press conference and reveals that Zuma is alive. A video of Zuma killing people then plays. Morgan tells the press that Zuma’s child is also alive, which makes Galela hysterical. 

What will happen after Morgan’s revelation? Keep on watching, “Galema: Anak ni Zuma,” weekdays after “Kapamilya Blockbusters” on Kapamilya Gold.