MMK's "Tutong na Kanin" episode touch viewers

On "Maalaala Mo Kaya" May 3 episode entitled "Tutong Na Kanin", Bugoy Carino played the part of "Jose" is a young boy who fended for his seven younger siblings, including the youngest who is an infant when their mother, portrayed by Desiree Del Valle, left them one day and never came back for seven years.
Being the eldest among the siblings, his Mom trained Jose to cook and to tend to his younger siblings. One day, she told them she would only be gone for a while but she never came back for seven years. She only left them several pieces of canned goods and some rice when she left. Before she left, their father already left them as well.
In those seven years, Jose had to be the mother and father to his siblings. They sang songs to their neighbors to earn some money and they also had to beg for food. They also survived with the help of their kind neighbors and some benevolent people. Jose had to be strong when his infant brother became sick and he had to rush him to his nanay's pagamutan. They also had to weather being kicked out of the house they were renting because they were unable to pay for several months since their parents left them. Jose also cried, prayed and hugged to him a figure of the Virgin Mary while their house was being battered by a storm. His siblings were hiding inside a closet, crying and afraid of the raging storm.
At one point, he almost gave up and had his siblings adopted but they all decided to stick it out and weather the storms of life together. After seven years, their mother came back and despite his anger for his mother, he forgave her for the sake of his young siblings.
The journey of the main character, portrayed well by Bugoy Carino, is even more heroic because in the story it was revealed that Jose has a different father than his siblings. And before he took care of his half-siblings, his mother was cruel to him and at one point she stabbed his feet, put him inside a sack and hung him.
Viewers could not help but pity Jose and his siblings. Some of them took to Facebook to air their dismay and sympathy.

Maria Takahashi said, "walang kwentang ama, pati yung ina, sana nanindigan siya para sa mga anak niya kahit gaano kahirap ang buhay.."

Dinah Mae Orge said a lot of kids are lucky because they have parents and they can eat the food they want, while "hindi nila alam may mga ibang bata, nagpapakahirap kahit sa murang edad nila para may makain sila sa pang-araw-araw."
Some of them expressed admiration for the main character. Analiza Sabong said, "ang lakas ng faith niya sa Mama Mary nakakabilib.."

Other viewers also took this story as a lesson for all of us to help people in need, like those neighbors who helped Jose and his siblings.

 Meriam Macaslac said, "kung may pagmamahal tayong itinatanim sa ating mga puso, may pagmamahal din tayong handang i-share hindi lamang sa ating pamilya kundi sa ating kapwa."