Misty's life is in danger

Luis talks to Magnolia about Digna, telling her how all her life she cared for him and their mom and that now it is his turn to take care of her.

Rosario, however, detests the fact that Magnolia is helping Digna, even welcoming her into their home. Basti tells her that Magnolia has her reasons for helping Digna and that maybe she sees the good in everybody. The next day, Rosario accepts Basti as her boyfriend.

Meanwhile, Santiago makes Mercedes promise to be happy even when he is gone and to never forget that she was once poor.

At San Carmelo, the board wants Luis to come back and work in the company.

In the meantime, Misty is having business problems and she goes to a party. She goes to the restroom with somebody and she is soon seen lying unconscious on the floor with her a bleeding nose. What has happened to Misty?

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