Misty and Malvina are brought to justice

Misty and Malvina are brought to justice

Mercedes declines Bettina’s offer, telling her that they will spare no one who has anything to do with Guillermo’s death.

Magnolia looks for Mang Ben and helps him talk and reconcile with his family. Because of this, Mang Ben tells Magnolia that he will testify against Malvina and Misty. Magnolia cries in gratefulness.

Malvina talks to Luis and Digna telling them to believe in her, no matter what they hear on TV about her.

Magnolia and Mercedes call a press conference, revealing Misty and Malvina’s crimes. Policemen arrest Misty and Malvina. Malvina is still her arrogant self, while Misty is advised by Bettina not to talk. Luis and Mercedes face each other with looks that speak of their feelings for each other. Is it too late for Mercedes and Luis’s love after all that has happened?

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