Mercedes withdraws her complaint against Santiago

Mercedes and Luis hit it off and he accompanies her while she buys her first cellphone. Mercedes also buys one for Rosario.

Misty plays it nice and tells Luis that she and Mercedes will eventually get along. Luis then opens up and tells her that he what he feels for Mercedes is unlike anything he has felt for anyone before. Misty is hurt, but still invites Mercedes and Luis for the launching of her bag line.

Meanwhile, Santiago looks for Mercedes and apologizes to her. Mercedes says she will not push through with her complaint against him. Santiago is amazed and amused with Mercedes.

Clavio and Mercedes finally reconcile when she learns that he will be leaving for another country soon. Clavio invites her to his despedida party. Mercedes says she’ll try to make it because she is going somewhere with Luis.

At the party, Misty does her best to make Luis believe that she’s nice to Mercedes but she is pained when she sees Luis giving Mercedes a necklace. At the same time, Clavio is dejected because he thinks Mercedes is no longer coming to his party.

Malvina arrives at the launch and confronts Mercedes. What will Malvina do to Mercedes at the party?

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