Mercedes will marry Santiago

Mercedes is set on proving Malvina’s part in the death of Guillermo and Mercedes swears vengeance, at whatever cost.

She goes to Santiago and asks for his help. Santiago tells her that the best way to bring Malvina down is if Mercedes takes San Carmelo from her. Mercedes tells Santiago that she will marry him if this is the best way to avenge Guillermo’s death and making Malvina suffer for her sins.

Magnolia sees a change in Mercedes, but Mercedes only tells her to trust her and that whatever she’s doing is for their family. Next day, Clavio asks her to go out, but she refuses. She also goes to the graves of her dad and Guillermo to ask for their understanding for what she’s about to do. 

She goes to Santiago and dons her bridal dress. Santiago tells her that they will be married in name only and she has no obligations to him other than that. Mercedes thanks Santiago. Is this the beginning of an easier life for Mercedes? 

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