Mercedes tells Luis of another crime his mom committed

Luis tells Digna that he allowed their mom to escape after she confessed to him she shot Guillermo.

By the time Mercedes comes with the police bearing a search warrant, Malvina is already gone. Mercedes informs them that she will not let up until she has Malvina behind bars. She also tells them that Malvina is also guilty of embezzlement that’s why their dad committed suicide.

Meanwhile, Mavina is at a hideout where she's not allowed to talk to anybody. Later on, it is revealed that it is Bettina who is hiding Malvina so she can protect Misty.

Mercedes finds out that Misty is applying as a state witness as a tactic to lessen her punishment. Mercedes tells Misty that she will prove that she is not just a witness, but an accomplice to murder. How will Mercedes prove this?

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