Mercedes saves Luis

Malvina belittles Mercedes and Mercedes answers back. Mercedes thus loses her job as a parking aide. Clavio tells her that she should just sell flowers.

Filomena dresses her up beautifully and Mercedes sells flowers at night. She even dances on the street with Clavio. In the morning, she plays ate to Andres and Rosario and she goes to visit Guerrero in prison.

Mercedes is looked up to by her siblings, especially Andres, because she has given up her studies in order to be the head of the family.

Meanwhile, Malvina goes on a tirade because Santiago fired her. The situation ends up in a bitter exchange of words between Luis and his uncle Santiago.

Luis sees a carnapper trying to open his friend’s car. The carnapper hits him and Mercedes seeing this, calls for help and saves him. Is Mercedes just in time to save Luis?

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