Mercedes crosses paths with Santiago

Mercedes is overwhelmed with the amount she gets for her first salary that she hugs Luis. Mercedes then goes to Rosario and reconciles with her.

Meanwhile, Malvina learns that Santiago is dying of Lupus. Malvina tells Luis and out of concern, Luis goes to Santiago but Santiago greets him abrasively. Luis and Santiago end up having a spat with Luis accusing Santiago of being the reason for his dad’s suicide.

Anthony asks Mercedes to take a document to Luis. During their conversation, Mercedes tells Luis about her struggles when she lost her parents, while Luis confides to her about losing his dad at an early age because of Santiago’s cruelty. Before Mercedes leaves, Luis asks her to dinner.

Mercedes dresses up for the dinner but on her way to meet Luis, her ride breaks down and she has to walk. Santiago sees Mercedes walking and mistakes her for the hooker he just made a deal with. He follows Mercedes and grabs her. Mercedes turns around and threatens him with the pen she’s holding. What will Mercedes do? Is she in danger from Santiago?

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