Mercedes and Luis take a break in their relationship

Santiago pays the executives of his company so they wouldn’t sue ChoxO for the food poisoning incident. He does this so he can protect Mercedes.

At about the same time, Luis finds out that Anthony took all of ChoxO’s money and that he needs to declare bankruptcy.

Luis also earns Malvina’s ire because he won’t take money from Misty. Malvina then goes to Mercedes, blaming her for all the misfortunes befalling Luis.

Mercedes talks to Luis and Luis tells her that she’s not to blame for anything. Luis also says he wants to protect Mercedes and that he needs space from her to be able to do that.

Meanwhile, Magnolia talks about how beautiful Mercedes is. She also laments the fact that Mercedes has taken on the role of mother to her siblings, a role that’s supposedly hers to fill.

Luis goes to Malvina to tell her that Mercedes is not to blame for everything and that they decided to take a break from their relationship for a while, so that he can protect her. Is this the right course of action for Luis?

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