Melai Canteveros shares how Jason Francisco proposed to her on “Kris TV”

On “Kris TV,” Kris was joined by guest co-hosts, KC Concepcion and Melai Cantiveros as they discuss common wedding beliefs and traditions with wedding coordinator, Kutchie Zaldarriaga and Pinoy culture expert, Professor Ma. Cristina “Marot” Flores, Ph.D. 

Melai shared that when Jason proposed to her, he insisted that she go to the bathroom and gargle. “Pag punta ko sa CR, nandun sa salamin. Nakalagay dun sa salamin, ‘I love you so much’, basta mga English ‘yun… ‘You are my inspiration’, ‘with all of my heart’, basta mga sweet-sweet… Tapos sabi nya, ‘will you marry me?’ Sabi ko, sinilip ko siya, ‘Char!’ Sinabi ko siyang ganun,” Melai said. 

She further added, “Binigay niya sa’kin ‘yung (jewelry) box…Akala ko may laman, pag bukas ko, walang laman. Sabi niya, ‘yan lang muna kasi wala pa tayong budget… Maya- maya, kinuha niya ‘yung kamay ko at nilagay niya itong ring,” Melai proudly told them while showing off the engagement ring she was wearing. She also said that Jason cried but joked that it was because of the price of the ring and emotion. “Basta Ma, I love you. Mag-trust ka lang sa akin…’Wag ka nang magselos sa akin. Dapat ako na ang magselos, sabi niya,” Melai shared to Kris and KC. 

For the rest of the show, Kris and her guests discussed common wedding beliefs and traditions like the bridal gown color, wedding on a full moon, the famous sukob, fitting of the wedding gown by the bride, rain on the wedding day, wearing of pearls, number of stones on the wedding ring, prosperity tree and throwing of rice, among others. Also, they tried to answer and unravel the mystery behind questions like “is it unlucky if one of the wedding candles die out during the ceremony?”, “who should take the bride to the altar?”, “why can’t the bride and groom see each other before their wedding?”, and “why is it bad luck to give angels as wedding tokens?”.    

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