Maya gets help with the wedding preparations from Esmeralda and Roberto

On “Be Careful with My Heart,” Esmeralda and Roberto are back to help in the preparations for Richard and Maya’s wedding. 

Later, Maya calls Teresita to inform her that the whole family has to come to Manila so they can get a fitting for the clothes they will wear at the wedding. Teresita brings up her daughter’s meeting with Arturo and Maya tells her little information about their encounter. Kute overhears their conversation and asks her mother about it later. Teresita says she does not care about Arturo anymore and that she did not even pay attention to what Maya said, which Kute seems to doubt. 

Back at the mansion, Roberto and Esmeralda argue while they are discussing on what happened between Maya’s parents. Roberto eventually gets assigned to take charge of Maya’s bridal shower. However, Emman volunteers to be in charge of her friend’s bridal shower. 

Will Teresita be able to deny her feelings for Arturo? Who will really take charge of Maya’s bridal shower? Stay tuned to “Be Careful with My Heart,” weekdays after “Minute to Win It” on ABS-CBN.

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