Maya assures Ser Chief that she will be alright

On “Be Careful With My Heart,” Abby becomes worried about Maya’s condition after she researches about her former nanny’s illness. 

Richard, on the other hand, finally gets to talk to Maya, who assures him that she will be alright. She asks him not to worry and just be with his children since Aling Teresita will now look after her in the hospital. 

Back at the mansion, Doris and Sabel prepares Maya’s usual merienda treats for the kids to try to cheer them up. This however makes Luke, Nikki and Abby miss Maya more. 

In the province, Kute and Cho prepare as they are bound for Manila. 

When will Maya get better? Will Arturo learn about what happened to his daughter? Keep on watching, “Be Careful with My Heart,” weekdays at 11:45PM on ABS-CBN.

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