Maya and Richard's 'first time' trends on Twitter

On today's Twitter-trending episode of Be Careful with My Heart, Maya kept on apologizing to Richard because she felt that she ruined their trip by making him worry. However, Richard hugged her and assured her that he is not mad at her. Maya got sentimental and the two kissed passionately. The next morning, the newly-weds woke up from their honeymoon happily.  

Meanwhile in Manila, Nikki asked Luke if Nicolo really has a crush on her, which her brother confirmed without hesitation. Nikki tried to defend Nicolo but Luke is unyielding. Later, Nikki called Nicolo and asked him to fix his fight with her brother, which Nicolo agreed to do.  

Back in Japan, Richard and Maya strolled around shopping centers and even rode bicycles around the city. Maya took Richard to thrift stores as she wanted to shop but stick within a budget. Richard brought Maya to one of the busiest crossings located in the area where Maya told him that he is her destiny. 

What's next in Maya and Richard's adventure in Japan? Keep on watching, Be Careful with My Heart, weekdays after Minute to Win It on ABS-CBN.

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