Maya and Richard go to Japan for their honeymoon

On "Be Careful with My Heart," Maya and Richard arrive in Japan for their honeymoon. Maya enjoys exploring the place and speaking Japanese.

When they finally get to their hotel room, Richard tells Maya that they still need to prepare even though they are tired from their flight. Maya becomes nervous as she misinterprets her husband’s words so she decides to take a bath. Maya spends a long time cleaning herself in the bathroom that Richard wonders what is taking her long and eventually falls asleep. 

When Maya finally comes out saying she is ready, she sees her husband sleeping and wakes him up. Richard gets surprised that Maya is still in her bathrobe given that she already took a long time preparing. He asks her to hurry and dress up because of a dinner reservation. However, they were too late and the reservation gets cancelled. 

Going back to their hotel room, the newly-weds are separated at the elevator because Maya wants to take pictures. She panics and decides to take the stairs. Maya reaches their hotel room first only to find out that Richard has been looking for her.  

Later, Maya's legs hurt that Richard massages them. Maya falls asleep and Richard kisses her. 

Maya and Richard's Japan adventure continues tomorrow (November 26)! Keep on watching, "Be Careful with My Heart," weekdays after "Minute to Win It" on ABS-CBN.