Malvina learns about Santiago's engagement

Luis is still hopeful that he and Mercedes are going to end up together. Meanwhile, Santiago plans on giving all of his wealth to Mercedes when he dies. He also gives Guillermo a job in his company.

Mercedes tells Rosario and Andres that she is going to marry Santiago. Magnolia hears this. She meets up with Santiago, paying him for all the debts of her children to him. Santiago doesn’t accept the check. He tells Magnolia that Mercedes changed him and he will do everything for Mercedes. He also begs Magnolia to allow this union to happen.

Filomena tells Mercedes to think things through before she marries Santiago. That night, Mercedes and Luis both dream of each other.

Luis closes a business deal and he celebrates with Digna.

Malvina gets wind of Santiago’s engagement, but she doesn’t know who the woman is. What will Malvina do to know the identity of Santiago’s fiancé?

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