Makoy stays alive

Guido asks Annaliza about the time she ran away and Annaliza tells Guido she didn’t really mean to run away. Stella is relieved because Annaliza didn’t mention anything that could jeopardize Stella and Guido’s relationship. Guido, then goes to Quezon to fulfill his promise to his cellmate in Oman.

In school, Annaliza is nominated for class representative and she doesn’t know whether to accept or refuse the nomination.

Meanwhile, Makoy almost loses his life but recovers to the relief of Isabel and Lazaro.

Jeric finally perfects a scene by imagining that Bianca is Lui. Lui cannot help but be jealous. Jeric asks his mom to plan a family dinner where he plans to introduce Lui to his Tita Isabel and Tito Lazaro.

Stella finds out that Lazaro visited Arlene in school. She scolds Arlene for not telling her and confronts Lazaro to tell him to leave her alone and that he has no child with her.

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