Makoy is plotting something

Annaliza's group wins the grand prize for the Christmas choral competition, despite Arlene copying their dance steps.

Arlene is ordered by Stella to congratulate Annaliza. Arlene pretends to be sincere and congratulates Annaliza in front of her dad, Laz.

While all this is happening, a man is observing what the Benedictos are doing.

Meanwhile, Isabel receives a call from a policeman saying they might ask them to come to the precinct because they are expecting to catch the two men who stabbed Stella.

The kids are getting ready to go caroling. Meanwhile, a man tails the Benedictos and gives updates to Makoy. He adds that a certain house is ready and he is sure that it will be one of the houses that the kids will go to for their night of caroling. What is Makoy planning?

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