Makoy is about to escape

Stella is relieved that Annaliza didn’t hear that she is not Guido’s biological daughter.

Stella allows Arlene to sleep over at Laz and Isabel’s place, even teaching Arlene how to smile and gain Isabel’s favor. Amparo, meanwhile, fusses over Arlene and plots to get Stella and Laz together again, making Stella want the life that she doesn’t have with Guido.

Also, Annaliza praises Guido for allowing Arlene to meet her real Dad. She also tells Guido that she’s lucky she grew up with her real dad.

In Annaliza’s school, Amparo drives Arlene on her first day as a transferee. Annaliza welcomes her, while Annaliza’s friends look at the newcomer.

For the meantime, Laz finds out that Isabel has custody of Makoy. Laz is angry that Isabel didn’t tell him. Also, Makoy has set things in motion for his escape.

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