Makoy escapes

Chef Laz sees Annaliza crying while talking to Guido and asks if he can do anything to help. Guido just asks if they may go home. Stella reprimands Arlene for telling Annaliza the truth. Arlene cries and asks Amparo if she may stay with her.

At home, Guido tells Annaliza about Makoy, the person Guido thinks is her father. He tells her that like her mom, Makoy has already passed away. Guido also tells Annaliza that she was the one who gave his life direction and that he loves her very much. He promises to bring her to Makoy’s resting place.

Annaliza is sad as she comes to terms with this.

Meanwhile, Makoy continues to covertly make explosives. That night, he uses his explosives and manages to get away from his guards.

Laz and Isabel are surprised when Arlene told them that Annaliza is not Guido’s daughter. They also receive a call from a policeman informing them of Makoy’s escape. This upsets Isabel as her only lead to her daughter is again gone. Is there still hope of finding Isabel and Laz’s daughter? Keep watching Annaliza at 5:50PM on ABS-CBN.