Makoy does something horrible to the kids

Makoy gets mad because the children are noisy and Cathy won't stop crying because she is hungry. Makoy scares them by firing a shot, but Cathy doesn't let up. Makoy feels pity for Cathy and brings her outside and gives her food.

Cathy is kind to Makoy so Makoy can't be harsh with her. Cathy even offers Makoy some bread. Makoy asks her who her father is and Cathy says she doesn’t know. She also tells him he has beautiful eyes just like her.

Cathy rejoins the other kids and brings out the food she kept in her bag for them. The kids then remember that they have baon in their bags. PJ reminds everybody not to eat everything so they will still have some for tomorrow.

Meanwhile, the kids' parents are going out of their minds with worry. Stella promises to get her daughters back and then kill Isabel afterwards.

Makoy leaves the house where the children are, planning to let them die of hunger.

Glen suffers an allergy attack and Annaliza saves his life by giving him a wasabi candy.

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