Makoy decides to implicate Guido

Guido thinks it is time to distance himself from Annaliza because he wants Annaliza to love her real parents just as she loves him. That night, Guido acts coldly towards Annaliza.

Annaliza apologizes to Arlene for not making it on time for lunch. Arlene gives in after a while, but then she sees how the boys are fawning over Annaliza and she remembers how her Mom reminds her that Annaliza and she are still competitors.

Bianca asks Cedrick to do something so that Jeric and Lui’s date will not push through. Cedrick asks Lui to cover another shift. Before she leaves though, Cedrick attempts to touch her, but Jeric stops him. Lui resigns from work and Jeric asks her to elope.

Makoy, on the other hand, talks to Amparo and tells her that he will implicate Guido in Annaliza’s kidnapping. Amparo agrees with Makoy’s plans. Will they succeed in implicating Guido?

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