Madame Fifi foretells a terrible future for Joaquin

Joaquin is pained when learns about Lolo Isko’s death from Patricia. Chichay, meanwhile, makes a painting of Lolo Isko. She cries remembering all her happy memories with her lolo.

Chichay’s classmates offer their condolences, including During, Jaime, and Jecjec. Because Lolo Isko liked everyone to be happy, they try to make his wake a celebration of his life. Betchay sings and the rest of the family, including Joaquin, dance along.

Meanwhile, Armand gives Juliana some pictures of the Tampipi family. She hates that the Tampipi family is happy even at a time of death in their family. She also notes that Joaquin and Jaime are both with Betchay, while she is alone.

Ronaldo appoints Martin head of East Horizon because the Manansala family is a disappointment to him.

Madam Fifi makes a psychic reading of Chichay, Nanoy, Whitey, and Bubbles destiny and she says good things about their future. She stops short of saying something to Joaquin though. Chichay talks to her in private and learns that Madame Fifi reads death in Joaquin's future. What does it mean?

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