Luke and Nicolo joins Nikki on her camping trip

On “Be Careful With My Heart,” a sulking Abby cries out for Maya because her father would not allow her to join her scouting class’ swimming lessons. Maya comes to her rescue by bonding with her and enlightening her of the situation. In the end, Abby apologizes to her father and Richard, in return, finally allows his daughter to take swimming lessons. 

Meanwhile, Nicolo decides to join Luke in chaperoning Nikki for her Tagaytay camping so he could guard her from Amiel. A disappointed Nikki gets freaked out further after Nicolo confesses that he accidentally told Amiel that she has a crush on him. Unfortunately, for Nikki, her father would not allow her to go camping without Luke and Nicolo.

Lastly, Sir Chief consults Maya regarding their new house’s design, indicating that she is now a part of the family since they will soon be getting married.

What will be the outcome of Nikki’s camping trip? Keep on watching, “Be Careful with My Heart,” weekdays after “Minute to Win It” on ABS-CBN.