Luis does the unthinkable

Luis apologizes to Santiago and surrenders his shares of San Carmelo back to Santiago and Maria Mercedes.

Mercedes is astounded and asks Luis why he did it. Luis says he’s just doing the right thing and he knows that they have wronged her. Mercedes feels vindicated. Santiago also tells her not to harbor too much hatred that it affects everything in her life. In truth, Santiago wants someone to take care of Mercedes once he is gone, and that someone is Luis.

Rosario meanwhile goes on a date with Basti. She airs her feelings to him about Mercedes. She tells him she feels like she has lost Mercedes since Guillermo died. Basti, strangely, is nervous on their date, like he is hiding something.

From her hideout, Malvina gets a chance to call Luis and she is shocked when Luis tells her that he knows about her embezzlement of funds. That night, Malvina thinks of all the people she hates. Is Malvina planning her retaliation?

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