Luis comes to work at San Carmelo

Mercedes's family chances upon Malvina and her family at a restaurant. It ends in a confrontation between families, with Luis telling Mercedes that Malvina did not kill Guillermo.

Mercedes tells Santiago that she's weak when she's up against Luis but Santiago tells her to be strong. Misty also senses Luis keeping his distance after seeing Mercedes.

Malvina persuades Luis to come work at San Carmelo to help her with Mercedes, but Luis says no.

Meanwhile, Malvina posts an insulting message on Rosario’s Facebook wall using Digna's account, which escalates their families' feud to another level. Kids at school bully Rosario and Andres and Rosario feels ashamed of her family. Digna tries to apologize, but Mercedes says she must do what she must.

In another corporate showdown between Mercedes and Malvina, Luis suddenly arrives and this time he makes it clear that he will help his mom throw Mercedes out of San Carmelo. Can Mercedes take on both Malvina and Luis?

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