Lourdes wonders why Honesto's nose is swelling

Honesto's nose becomes swollen and red when he denies wanting to play with Abby to his Kuya Elai. Elai panics and tells Lourdes and Lemuel about it. Elai and Lourdes wonder what’s causing Honesto's "allergy".

In school, Honesto shares his lunch with a classmate when the bullies in class took her snack. He also cleans up after his classmates. His teacher sees him doing these things.

Lourdes, to make Honesto happy, allows him to invite Abby to their home. The Layers see it as an opportunity to ingratiate themselves with Lemuel’s people. They bring food to Lemuel’s place and invite everyone to lunch.

Because excels in class and because of his good deeds, Honesto gets the student of the month award. The teacher tells him to include his award in his gift to his mom.

Meanwhile, Felipe continues his search for Fina. He sees Hudas/Cleto and tries to run after him but fails. Instead, somebody in the bus steals his money and bag. What fate awaits Honesto's grandfather?

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